What Is The Capital Of Vermont? 

Do you know the capital of Vermont? Don’t worry, we are here to give you all the possible information about Vermont’s capital in detail. Vermont is a state located in the Northeast region of the United States. Vermont state is popularly known for its forested natural beauty, majestic green mountains, destination-worthy skiing, and scenic hiking trails. It is also popular for its picturesque wooden covered bridges, of which there are more than 100. The state shares a border with the other states of the country namely Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and the Canadian Province. Without further delay let’s reveal the name of the capital of Vermont

What Is The Capital Of Vermont? 

The capital of Vermont is Montpelier, which is the smallest state capital in the United States. The biggest city in Vermont is Newbury. Montpelier is the smallest capital but it is brimming with historic appeal and quirky attractions. Montpelier, Vermont is located exactly in the North-central area of the state of Vermont. 

In Montpelier, the Winooski River flows through the heart of the city, adding the character of its charming downtown, quaint shops, cultural amenities, and walking trails. The city is interchangeable with maple syrup. Tour the farm and take home a bottle of syrup from the gift shop at Bragg Farm Sugarhouse and Gift Shop, family fun for 8 generations. 

Now, you know the name of the capital of Vermont state. Let’s know why is Montpelier the capital of Vermont and when did it become the capital. 

When Did Montpelier Became The Capital Of Vermont? 

Montpelier became the capital of Vermont permanently in 1805, after some strenuous debate, due to its central location. The choice of the name Montpellier is probably due to the generally good feelings Americans had towards France following the Revolutionary War and the fact that Colonel Davis found the names generally appealing. Let’s go ahead and know the history of the Vermont state capital. 

  • The first settler in Montpellier was Colonel Jacob Davis, who built a log cabin in 1787 or 1788. 
  • On 14th August 1781, the charter for Montpelier was given to Colonel Davis and others. 
  • Montpelier and East Montpelier were two legislatures in 1848 and then in 1895 Montpelier was given a city charter. 
  • In 1831, when the time to build a new capital came, the citizens of Montpelier pledged $15,000 to support its construction, preventing the state government from being transferred to any of the other five competing cities. 
  • In 1857, the second capital was burned down, then there was considerable support for moving the capital to Burlington, but Montpelier carried the day. 
  • Since then Montpelier has been serving as the capital of the state of Vermont USA
  • The first capital of Vermont was Burlington, Vermont. 

Montpelier, The Capital Of Vermont Facts. 

Let us explore the city further and learn some important facts regarding it, including weather, population, economy, sport, etc. 

Area And Population 

The total area of the capital of Vermont is 10.25 sq mi, out of which the land area is 10.05 sq mi and the water area is 0.19 sq mi. The population of Montpelier is 8,074 as of the year 2020. Vermont population is 6.46 lakhs as of 2021.  

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Climate And Weather 

Montpelier consists of a humid continental climate with long, cold, and snowy winters, short springs, and autumns, and warm humid summers. Here, snow is also frequent and remains on the ground for long stretches.  

Economy And Finance 

The economy of the city is basically dependent upon industries and tourism. The Gross State Product of Vermont state is $30.2 billion as of 2022, with a growth of 0.5% over the past five years. 


The main sport in the city is Basketball. Besides basketball, the residents of the city also like to play other games like football, volleyball, tennis, handball, badminton, etc. 

Places To Visit In Montpelier 

Places to visit in Montpelier are, 

  • Vermont State House 
  • Camel’s Hump 
  • Vermont Historical Society Museum 
  • Hubbard Park 
  • Lost Nation Theater 
  • Ethan Allen Statue 
  • Ceres
  • Coburn Covered Bridge
  • North Branch Vineyards 
  • Vermont College
  • Pavilion Building 
  • Green Mount Cemetery
  • VT Dept Of Tourism And Marketing 
  • T.W. Wood Art Gallery 
  • North Branch Nature Center 

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What Is Vermont Is Known For?

Vermont is known for its forested natural beauty, majestic green mountains, scenic hiking trails, and destination-worthy skiing. The state is also famous for its picturesque wooden covered bridges, of which there are more than 100.

What Was The Original Capital Of Vermont?

In 1791, when Vermont became a state, Montpelier was a village of hardly 120 souls. But 15 years later the town’s population grew already to 1.200 citizens. Because of its central location within Vermont, Montpelier was selected as the state’s capital in 1805.

What Is Montpelier Vermont Known For?

Montpelier is the largest urban historic district in Vermont, and, home to local theatre, live music and The Savoy arts cinema, has been recognized as one of the 100 best small arts towns in the U.S. The city’s crown jewel is the impeccably restored Vermont Statehouse – one of the oldest and best preserved.

Is It Expensive To Live In Vermont?

Average Cost of Living in Vermont: $47,397 per year
Vermont has an above-average cost of living when compared to the rest of the United States, but this is normal when compared to its New England neighbors, as the region ranks above the rest of the nation in terms of expenses.

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Is Vermont A Good Place To Live?

Vermont has appeared on top of CNBC’s list: “These 10 states are America’s best places to live in 2022.” Home to our very own Champlain College, they praised Vermont for access to childcare, healthcare, as well as air quality.

What Are Some Fun Facts About Vermont Food?

Vermont produces more maple syrup than any other state in the U.S. Montpelier, Vermont is the only U.S. state capital without a McDonald’s restaurant. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream company was founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont, in a renovated gas station, by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield.

Why Is Montpelier Famous?

It is famed for the terraced 17th- and 18th-century Promenade du Peyrou, which offers views of the Mediterranean and of the city’s elegant mansions. The Botanical Gardens, founded by Henry IV in 1593, are the oldest in France.

What Is The Smallest Populated State Capital In The United States?

Montpelier has the distinction of being the smallest state capital in the United States, with a population of just over 8,000 people.


Vermont state and its capital namely Montpleir both are the best places to live because the cost of living is affordable here. Besides the capital, Montpelier is the largest urban historic district in the state of Vermont and is also home to a number of local theatres, live music, and the savoy arts cinema. The city has been recognized as one of the 100 best small art towns in the United States. The crown jewel of the city is the impeccably restored Vermont Statehouse, one of the oldest and best preserved in the country. So, this was all about the capital of Vermont


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