What Is The Capital Of Tatarstan? 

There is so much to explore in the world. But, what when it comes to the capital of Tatarstan? want to know? so, read this article till the end. Tatarstan also called Tatariya, is a republic in the east-central part of European Russia. It is considered one of the leading regions in the IT and internet sectors in Russia. Also, it has many natural resources including oil, natural gas, gypsum, and more. It is estimated that the Republic of Tatarstan has over one billion oil deposits. At the bottom of this article, we will also give you a list of some amazing places to visit in Tatastan’s capital. Let’s get started and learn about the capital of Tatarstan.  

What Is The Capital Of Tatarstan? 

The capital of Tatarstan is Kazan, which lies in the northwestern portion of Tatarstan along the banks of the Kazanka River at its confluence with the Volga River. The capital of the Republic of Tatarstan is a big railway motorway, an airway hub, and one of the largest river ports on the Volga. In Kazan, the main industries include machine engineering and metalwork, aircraft construction and instrument engineering, petrochemistry, and textile and food processing. 

The capital of Republic of Tatarstan is not limited to only the capital title but also a large science and research center in the region. Kazan Federal University, the second largest Russian Federation, was established in 1804. It is a multi-faith city with orthodox churches, mosques, Lutheran, and catholic churches. As Kazan is a city with fine cultural traditions, music lovers will find here Russia’s second in size concert hall, a philharmonic hall, an opera house, drama, and puppet theaters. Four state concerts, a dance and song ensemble, etc. 

Now, you have what is the capital of the Tatarstan Republic. Let’s know more about the city. 

When Did Kazan Became The Capital Of Tatarstan? 

Kazan became the capital city of Tatarstan in 1920 after the Russian SFSR became a part of the Soviet Union. Post-dissolution of the Soviet Union, Kazan remained the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. To know more about the Kazan capital of Tatarstan, let’s have a look at its history.  

  • In 1917, Kazan became one of the revolution centers, Gunpowder Plant fire occurred in the city.
  • Later in 1918, it was the capital of the Idel-Ural State, which was suppressed by the Bolshevist government.
  • The operation of August 1918 was started in Kazan and it was briefly occupied by Czechoslovak Legions.
  • After two years in 1920, Kazan became the center of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Tatar was the old name of Tatarstan.
  • And in the same year, the city has declared the capital of Tatarstan.

Kazan, Capital Of Tatarstan Facts 

The facts about the capital of Tatarstan are   

Area & Population 

The total land area of Kazan is 515.8 km2 and the population of Kazan is 1,308,660 as of 2021. The Tatarstan population is 4,004,809 as of 2021. The Tatarstan people are also called Tatar, which is also spelled Tartar. The official Tatarstan language is Tatarstan(Russia) and the recognized minority language is China Poland. The Tatarstan religion includes Islam and Orthodox Christianity.    

Climate & Weather 

In Kazan, the climate is characterized by a mid-latitude moderate-continental climate, with warm summer and moderately cold winter. In Kazan, the hottest month is July and the coldest month is January. Severe forests and stifling heat are not typical for Tatarstan, 4 seasons are well-defined here.    

Economic & Finance 

Kazan is one of the largest industrial and financial centers of Russia and is also a leading city of the Volga economic region in construction and accumulated investment. The main industries here are related to mechanical engineering, chemical, petrochemical, light, and food industries. 


Do you know? Kazan was named the sports capital of Russia, following the national voting organized by the Russian Sports, Tourism, and Youth Policy Ministry. In Russian, European, and World competitions Kazan is represented by AK Bars Hockey Club, Rubin-Kazan football club, and Unics Basketball Club. The city has hosted large national and international events such as the Feodor Chaliapin International Open Festival, the Rudolf Nureyev International Classical Ballet Festival, etc. 

Places To Visit In Kazan 

The places to visit in Kazan are, 

  1. Kul Sharif Mosque
  2. Kazan Kremlin
  3. Suyumbike Tower
  4. A Temple Of All Religions
  5. Riviera Aquapark
  6. National Museum of the Republic Tatarstan
  7. Bauman Street
  8. Millennium Bridge
  9. Dvorets Zemledel’tsev
  10. Tsentr Ermitazh-Kazan

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What Is The Religion Of Tatars In Russia?

The traditional religions of the Republic of Tatarstan are Islam and Orthodox Christianity. Tatars and Bashkirs (i.e. nearly half of the population of the republic) confess Islam. The others, including Russians, Chuvashes, Maris, Udmurts, Mordovians – are Orthodox Christians.

Is Tatarstan A Part Of Russia?

Tatarstan, also called Tatariya, republic in the east-central part of European Russia. The republic lies in the middle Volga River basin around the confluence of the Volga and Kama rivers. Kazan (q.v.) is the capital.

Are Tatars Not Turkic?

The Tatars (/ˈtɑːtəz/) is an umbrella term for different Turkic ethnic groups bearing the name “Tatar”. Initially, the ethnonym Tatar possibly referred to the Tatar confederation. That confederation was eventually incorporated into the Mongol Empire when Genghis Khan unified the various steppe tribes.

Where Do Most Tatars Live In Russia?


The Tatars mainly inhabit country along the Volga River in central European Russia. The Volga-side region of Tatarstan is Russia’s heartland of Tatar culture, which is still proudly practised and preserved. Kazan Tatars make up about half the population of Tatarstan in modern times.


By reading this article you got a hint about the capital building of Tatarstan, which is in Kazan. Kazan manufactures helicopters, aircrafts, compressors, and refrigeration equipment. It also produces synthetic rubbers, optical instruments, detergents, etc. Kazan State Technological University and Kazan State Technical University have the status of national research universities. Also, there are so many places to explore in the city and out of them some places are mentioned above. Now, you know all about the capital of Tatarstan


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