What Is The Capital Of Switzerland? 

Before learning about the capital of Switzerland let me tell you something about Switzerland. Switzerland or officially the Swiss Confederation is a landlocked country at the confluence of Western, Central, and Southern Europe. Switzerland is geographically divided into the Swiss Plateau, the Alps, and the Jura. And among these three regions, the Alps occupy the greater part of the territory. So, let’s come back to the capital of Switzerland.  

What Is The Capital Of Switzerland? 

The capital of Switzerland is Bern, which is referred to as the “federal city” and it is the 2nd most populous city in Switzerland’s cantons. The official language spoken here is German, but the main spoken language is the local variant of the Alemannic Swiss German dialect, Bernese German. 

Now the question is where is the capital of Switzerland located? It is located in the west-central part of the country and is lies along a narrow loop of the River Aare. Many people think Bern is not the capital of Switzerland and due to this, they search as is Geneva the capital of Switzerland? So, such people can get a clear-cut idea about the real capital of Switzerland is Bern. 

Other than being the capital city of Switzerland, Bern is the most famous due to its Bear pit. It is a beautiful and tranquil city that has a lot to offer its visitors. Also, it has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage because of its incredible history and marvelous oldness. 

Do you know? From the 15th century, Bern was progressively rebuilt and acquired its current characteristics. It was made a federal city in 1848 and from about 5,000 inhabitants in the 15th century, the city passed the 100,000 mark in the 1920s. 

So, after knowing that Bern is the de facto capital of Switzerland let us learn more about Bern in detail. 

When Did Bern Became The Capital Of Switzerland? 

In 1848, Bern became the capital of Switzerland. During the 18th century, Bern grew out towards the west of the boundaries of the peninsula formed by the Aare river. Then the Zytglogge tower marked the western boundary of the city from 1911 until 1256. Let us learn more about the history of Bern as 

  • In 1798, Bern was occupied by French troops during the French Revolutionary Wars. 
  • But in 1802 it regained control of the Bernese Oberland and followed the Congress of Vienna of 1814. 
  • The first time, it once again became the largest canton of the Confederacy as it stood during the Restoration and until the secession of the canton of Jura in 1979. 
  • After that, Bern was made the Federal city within the new Swiss federal state in 1848
  •  Bern became the capital of it. 

Bern, The Capital Of Switzerland Facts 

Here are some interesting thing and facts about Bern keep reading to know them

  • Area & Population 

The total area of Bern is 19.93 sq mi and the population of Bern is 133,791 as of the year 2018. 

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  • Climate & Weather 

The climate of Bern is oceanic in nature which is closely bordering on a humid continental climate. In Bern, the warmest month is July, with a daily average temperature of 18.3 °C. 

  • Economy & Finance 

The economy of Bern is basically dependent on agriculture and forestry or lumber production. Other than this it is also dependent on manufacturing, mining, and construction. 

  • Sport 

Bern hosted the 1954 FIFA World Cup Final. Also, it was a candidate to host the 2010 Winter Olympics but withdrew its bid in September 2002 after a referendum was passed that showed that the bid was not supported by locals. 

Places To Visit In Bern 

The best places to visit in Bern are 

  1. Lorraine Bad 
  2. Reitschule 
  3. Bierhuebeli 
  4. Piscine Extérieure marzili 
  5. Rosengarten 
  6. Dampfzentrale 
  7. Marians Jazzroom 
  8. Bernisches Historisches Museum or Einstein Museum 
  9. Museum of Fine Arts Bern 
  10. Gurtn, etc.  

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Does Switzerland Have 2 Capitals? 

No, Technically, Switzerland has no capital but Bern city is referred to as the country’s capital city for all intents and purposes.  

Is Zurich The Capital City Of Switzerland? 

Zurich is not Switzerland’s capital but it is the biggest city in the country and the capital of the canton of Zurich.  

How Many Capitals Does Switzerland Have? 

Although there is no official capital of Switzerland the city of Bern is the de facto seat of the government in the country. 

What Is The Main City Of Switzerland?

Bern. What is this? One of the top Swiss destinations is also the capital city of Switzerland.

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Is Geneva Capital Of Switzerland?

Geneva is the second most populous city in Switzerland (after Zürich) and is the most populous city of Romandy. Situated where the Rhône exits Lake Geneva, it is the capital of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

What Is The Most Famous Dish In Switzerland?

Fondue is Switzerland’s national dish, a melting pot of different flavors and aromas, similar to the country itself–a melting pot of people and different cultures. Its name comes from the French word fondre, meaning to melt, and it was first described in Homer’s Iliad as a mixture of goat cheese, flour, and wine.

Why Does Switzerland Have Two Capitals?

Many people are surprised when they hear that pretty little Bern is the Swiss capital. Surely industrial Zurich or international Geneva would be more logical, they say. But it’s precisely to avoid a concentration of power that Bern was chosen as the “federal city” exactly 170 years ago.

Which Two Countries Have No Capital?

In contrast, Vatican City, Monaco and Singapore are countries that act as their respective capitals themselves. In sharp contrast, there is also a country with no capital city. Yes, you read that right. Here, we are talking about Nauru, an island nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean (northeast of Australia).


Now, you have learned everything about Switzerland’s capital and now you know what’s the capital of Switzerland. Above, I have mentioned the facts about Bern, to make you aware of it. And also the best places to visit in Bern to make your trip planning easy and simple. So, after reading this article, nothing is left to learn about the capital of Switzerland.


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