What Is The Capital Of Spain? 

Let us know the capital of Spain with the help of this article. First of all, you should know about Spain. Spain is officially known as the Kingdom of Spain, it is a country located in southwestern Europe with parts of the territory in the Atlantic Ocean and across the Mediterranean Sea. It is the largest country in Southern Europe, the 2nd largest country in Western Europe, and the 4th largest country by area on the European continent. The population of Spain is 47.4 million, and it makes Spain the 6th most populous country in Europe and the 4th most populated country in the European Union. Let us learn about the capital of Spain

What Is The Capital Of Spain? 

The capital of Spain is Madrid, it is the most populous city in Spain with a population of 3.4 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area population of 6.7 million. Madrid is the second-largest city by area in the European Union. 

The capital city of Spain is located on the Manzanares River in the central part of the Iberian Peninsula. It is considered a major financial center because of its economic output, high standard of living, and market size. 

Madrid contains the headquarters of various significant national and international departments such as the headquarters of the  UN’s World Tourism Organization, the Ibero-American General Secretarial, The Public Interest Oversight Board, and many more. 

Madrid has a tremendous contribution in the making of beautiful Spain, with its historical buildings and museum, and the palaces related to the royal family. It is famous because of its unique neighborhoods, renaissance and contemporary area, and much more. 

So, after knowing what is the capital city of Spain, you should learn about Madrid in detail. 

When Did Madrid Became The Capital Of Spain? 

Madrid became the capital of Spain in 1561 by Phillip III, a member of a royal family. And it became the capital because of its location in the middle of the country, and the king wanted to hunt here. So, the capital of Spain history will make you well aware of it. 

  • Madrid was invaded on 24th May 1823 by a French Army, the so-called Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis. 
  • So, during the first half of the 19th century, the only remarkable bourgeois elements in Madrid were merchants. 
  • Later, during the second half of the 19th century, the economy of Madrid further modernized because of its New Industries, construction, and low-tech centers. 
  • During the first third of the 20th century, the population of Madrid became nearly double. 

Madrid, The Capital of Spain Facts. 

The capital of Spain is a city with various facts but below, I have mentioned several of them. 

  • Area & Population 

The total area of Madrid is 233.33 sq mi while the population of the city is 3,223,334 as of the year 2018. 

  • Climate & Weather 

The climate of Madrid is Mediterranean in nature, with continental influences in the western half of the city transitioning to a semi-arid climate in the eastern half of the city. Here, winters are cool and summers are hot and sunny. 

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  • Economy & Finance 

Madrid is one of the largest financial centers in the European continent and the largest in Spain. The economy of Madrid is basically based on the service sector, and construction sector. 

  • Sport 

The most popular sports in Madrid city are football and basketball. Till now, Madrid has hosted five European Cup or Champions League finals. Four at the Bernabeu, and the most recent 2019 final at the Metropolitano. 

Places To Visit In Madrid 

The best places to visit in Madrid are 

  1. Plaza Mayor 
  2. EL Retiro Park 
  3. Zoo Aquarium de Madrid 
  4. Real Jardin Boanico 
  5. Parque de Atracciones de madrid 
  6. Parque Warner madrid 
  7. EL capricho Park 
  8. Sabatini Garden 
  9. Western Park 
  10. Parque Europa 
  11. Juan Carlos I Park 
  12. Manzanares ‘Madrid Rio Park 
  13. Faunia 
  14. Casa de Campo Park 
  15. Manzanares River Linear Park 
  16. Campo del Moro, etc. 

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What Are The Three Capital Of Spain? 

The three capitals of Spain’s provinces are San Sebastian, Bilbo, and Victoria-Gasteiz. Spain has one principal capital which is Madrid. 

What Was The Old Capital Of Spain? 

The old capital of Spain is Toledo which was served as a capital until 1560 when Phillip II of Sapin moved his count to Madrid. 

How Many Capitals Does Spain Have? 

Spain has one main capital namely Madrid but according to the Historian Javier Tusell “Spain has two cultural capitals, first is Paris, and the second is Brussells”. 

Is Barcelona Spain’s Capital?

Barcelona is not Spain’s capital but it is the traditional center of the Catalan movement for independence. It is governed as a Municipio of Spain, and its elections are held every year.  

Is There Poverty In Spain?

Spain – At Risk of Poverty rate was 21.70% in December of 2021, according to the EUROSTAT. Trading Economics provides the current actual value, an historical data chart and related indicators for Spain – At Risk of Poverty rate – last updated from the EUROSTAT on January of 2023.

What Language Is Spoken In Spain?

Castilian Spanish is the official national language of Spain. However, there are other co-official languages spoken in Spain´s many culturally diverse regions that form an important part of the Spanish cultural patrimony.

What Is Spain’s National Dish?


Many consider Paella as the National dish of Spain, that has as many variations as there are cooks! One thing every variation of paella has in common besides the rice and saffron is that it is a very social culinary occasion.

What Is The Capital Of Spain And Major Cities?

Madrid (/məˈdrɪd/ mə-DRID, Spanish: [maˈðɾið]) is the capital and most populous city of Spain. The city has almost 3.6 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area population of approximately 6.7 million.

Which City Is Better Madrid Or Barcelona?

Access to the Rest of Spain
Barcelona also has some good day trips, including Figueres (for the Dali museum) and Sitges (for the beach), but Madrid’s day trips are unbeatable. When it comes to exploring the rest of Spain, Madrid’s central location makes it far superior to the north-eastern Barcelona.


In this article, you have learned what’s the capital of Spain, it is Madrid. You can visit Madrid when you want because now you are familiar with it. When you go there, don’t miss seeing its historic buildings, food markets, and the royals. Madrid is known for its contemporary and renaissance art museum, sunny blue skies, unique neighborhoods, and bustling nightlife. After seeing this you will never forget about the capital of Spain.


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