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What Is The Capital Of South Carolina? 

The capital of South Carolina a the best city with multiple facts and a lot of history. But, this single article is enough to learn about the capital of South Carolina USA. Before proceeding further let us first know about South Carolina. South Carolina is a state which is located in the coastal Southeastern region of the United States. It shares a border with North Carolina, the Atlantic Ocean, and Georgia. South Carolina’s name came in the honor of King Charles I of England, who first formed the English colony, with Carolus being Latin for “Charles”. South Carolina province was formed in 1712. Let us come back to the capital of South Carolina

What Is The Capital Of South Carolina? 

The capital of South Carolina is Columbia, it is the 2nd largest city in South Carolina. Also, Columbia serves as the county seat of Richland County, and a portion of the city extends into neighboring Lexington County.  It is often abbreviated as Cola, leading to its nickname as “Soda City”. 

The capital city of South Carolina is located about 13 miles northwest of the geographic center of South Carolina, and it is the primary city of the Midlands region of the state. It lies at the confluence of the River Saluda and the Congaree River. 

It is the site of Fort Jackson, the largest United States Army installation for Basic Combat Training. Columbia is 20 miles to the east of the city is McEntire joint National Guard Base, which is operated by the U.S. Air Force. And it was used as a training base for the 169th Fighter Wing of the Air Force and the South Carolina Air National Guard. So, learn more about the state capital of South Carolina.  

When Did Columbia Became The Capital Of South Carolina? 

Columbia became the capital of South Carolina in 1786, but before that the capital of South Carolina in 1776 was Charleston, South Carolina. Columbia was selected as capital because of its central location in South Carolina state. To select the capital for the state they took an election and Columbia won by a vote of 11-7 to Washington. So, let us learn the history of Columbia. 

  • After selecting Columbia as a capital, the first State Legislature met there in 1790. 
  • It remained under the direction of the government of the legislature for the first two decades of its existence, it was incorporated as a village in 1805 and then as a city in 1854. 
  • When Columbia connected in a direct water route to Charleston by the Santee Canal, it received a large stimulus to development. 
  • This connection between the Santee and Cooper rivers is a 22-mile long section. 
  • So, in 1801, South Carolina College was founded in Columbia. 
  • After that, the city was chosen as the site of the state college in an effort to unite residents of the Upcountry and Lowcountry and to discourage elite youth from traveling to England for their higher education. 

Columbia, The Capital Of South Carolina Facts 

Here are some facts about Columbia that you should know 

  • Area & Population 

The total area of Columbia, South Carolina is 139.64 sq mi while the population of it is 136,632 as of the year 2020. 

  • Climate & Weather 

The climate of Columbia is humid subtropical in nature, with relatively cool to mild winters and hot and humid summers. 

  • Economy & Finance 

The economy of Columbia is diverse, with the major employers in the area being the South Carolina state government, the Palmetto Health hospital system, Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina. 

  • Sport 

Basketball is a popular sport in Columbia. 

Places to Visit In Columbia 

The best places to visit in Colombia are 

  1. Cartagena 
  2. Bogota 
  3. Medellin 
  4. Cali 
  5. Salento 
  6. Barranquilla 
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  8. Coffee Axis 
  9. Villa de Leyva 
  10. Rosario Island 
  11. San Andres 
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Why Is Columbia The Capital Of South Carolina? 

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina because it is located in the central region of the state. It was the first state house of South Carolina.

What Is The Old Capital Of South Carolina? 

The old capital of South Carolina is Charleston in 1786. At present Columbia, it is the 2nd largest city in South Carolina also it serves as the county seat of Richland County.

What Are 2 Major Cities In South Carolina? 

The 2 major South Carolina cities are Columbia and Charleston followed by other cities like North Charleston, Mount Pleasant and Rock Hill.

How Many Capitals Does SC Have? 

 Columbia SC or South Carolina has only one capital which is Columbia. 

Is Columbia SC A Good Place To Live?

Columbia is in Richland County and is one of the best places to live in South Carolina. Living in Columbia offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents rent their homes. In Columbia there are a lot of parks. Many young professionals live in Columbia and residents tend to lean liberal.


In this article, I have given you everything regarding South Carolina’s capital which is Columbia. Also, the various facts about Columbia in order to make you more crystal clear about it. South Dakota and North Carolina both are neighbors of South Carolina but the capital of South Dakota and the capital of North Carolina are Pierre and Raleigh respectively and not Columbia. So, after reading this article you won’t need to learn more about the capital of South Carolina.


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