What Is The Capital Of Paraguay? 

What is the name of the capital of Paraguay? Guess what? Don’t Know? So, let’s learn it with the help of this article. As proceeding further you must know that Paraguay officially is the Republic of Paraguay and it is a country located in the South American continent. It shares a border with Argentina to the south and southwest, Bolivia to the northwest, and Brazil to the east and northeast. We will discuss everything about Paraguay like the paraguay language. Now, let’s start and learn about the capital of Paraguay

What Is The Capital Of Paraguay? 

The capital of Paraguay is Asuncion, it is a city that occupies a promontory and descends to the Paraguay River near its confluence with the Pilcomayo. It was named an Asuncion when a stockade was completed there on the Feast of the Assumption in 1537. 

Due to being located near to the river, Asuncion has tremendous beautiful flowering trees and several large parks. Also, it is a center of the densely populated region of Paraguay and has agriculture that is rich in maize, cotton, sugarcane, corn, tobacco, fruits, and cattle products also. 

Asuncion is known as the Mother of Cities because of it is one of the first cities in South America to be founded by European explorers. It is the heart of South America, the land of water, and the Island surrounded by the mainland. 

When Did Asuncion Became The Capital Of Paraguay? 

In 1537, Asuncion became the capital of Paraguay. It was the first city of the Governorate of the Rio de la Plata. 

 Initially, Asuncion was not a popular city but the flow of immigrants from Europe and the Ottoman Empire between the end of the 19th century to every year of the 20th century. Leads to a change in the appearance of the city as many new buildings were built and it went through an era more prosperous than any since the war. 

 Let’s understand the history of Asuncion in short as 

  • In 1541, Buenos Aires was evacuated after an attack by the Pampa Indians, the inhabitants fled to Asuncion. 
  • Then it was the headquarters of Spanish colonial activities in eastern South America for a Half-century before Buenos Aries was refounded. 
  • In 1617 official separation from Buenos Aries and Asuncion lost its importance. 
  • As Asuncion is located on the head of the great river and its neighboring countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay became its enemies in the War of the Triple Alliance between 1864 to 1870. 
  • Then, Brazil captured Asuncion in 1868 and administered it until 1876. 

Asuncion, Capital of Paraguay Facts 

Let’s Learn some facts about Asuncion that are interesting and you must have a read on them

  • Area & Population 

Like the city, Asuncion is divided into two parts with an untimely population divided into two parts first part of the city and the district with a population 525,252, Metro with a population of 2,722,668. And Paraguay’s population is 7.133 million. Same with the area of this city, the area of City and District is 117 Km^2 while the area of Metro is 1,014 Km^2. 

  • Economy 

The income of  Asuncion has grown in recent years because of the construction of shopping malls and supermarkets in suburbs. In Asuncion, various important businesses, companies, and investment groups are headquartered. It is because this city has attractive and easy-going tax policies. The currency of Paraguay is Paraguayan Guarani. 

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  • Geography 

The city Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay is situated between the parallels 25° 15’ and 25° 20’ of south latitude and between the meridians 57° 40’ and 57° 30’ of west longitude. This city is seated on the left bank of River Paraguay, almost at the confluence of this river with the River Pilcomayo. 

  • Climate & Weather 

The climate of Asuncion is humid subtropical in nature, it is characterized by hot, humid summers, and mild winters. Throughout the year relative humidity is high therefore, the heat index is higher than the true air temperature in the summer. 

Places To Visit in Asuncion 

There are so many places to visit out of which some places I have mentioned below. Let’s check it 

  1. Independence House Museum 
  2. Palacio de López 
  3. Museo del Barro 
  4. Botanical Garden and Zoo of Asuncion 
  5. Jose Asuncion Flores 
  6. Loma San Jeronimo 
  7. Catedral Metropolitana de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción 
  8. Cerro Lambare 
  9. National Pantheon of Heroes 
  10. Cultural Center of the Republic 
  11. Museum of Sacred Art 
  12. Centro Cultural Manzana de la Rivera 
  13. Plaza Uruguaya 
  14. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Asunción 

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Does Paraguay Have Two Capitals? 

Actually, Paraguay has 17 departments and one capital district. This capital district is divided into two regions one is Occidental Region and the second is Oriental Region. And that both regions act as a separate capital of Paraguay.  

What Is Paraguay Famous For? 

Not only famous but it is the heart of South America, the land of water, and the Island surrounded by the Mainland. It is famous for its large navy, without access to the sea it has large naval power. It is also known for its world’s biggest working hydroelectric power plant, on the river Parana. 

How Is Paraguay As A Country? 

Paraguay is a good and sage country here, the Government system is a presidential republic which means the chief of state and the head of government is the president. Overall the country is good but some problems are there like Corruption, organized crime, environmental destruction, systemic based discrimination, and also limited rights for women and children.    

Why Is Asunción Famous? 

Asuncion is famous as the Mother of Cities because it is one of the first cities in the South American continent to be founded by European explorers. 

How Is Life In Paraguay?

Paraguay is frequently named the best country in LatAm to live in due to its climate, kind people, and slow pace of living. If you enjoy the tranquilo lifestyle and an endlessly sunny climate, you’re probably going to feel right at home when establishing your second residence in Paraguay – it will change your life.

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Is Paraguay Spanish Or Portuguese?

The Republic of Paraguay is a mostly bilingual country, as the majority of the population uses Spanish and Guaraní. The Constitution of Paraguay of 1992 declares it as a multicultural and bilingual country, establishing Spanish and Guaraní as official languages.

What Is The Vegetable Dish Of Paraguay?

The most famous vegetarian dish in Paraguay is undoubtedly kivevé. This traditional dish is made with the most popular ingredients in Paraguay: pumpkin, cornmeal, and fresh cheese. It has an unusual light red color and a creamy texture, similar to polenta.

Is Paraguay A Cheap Place To Live?

Paraguay and its capital Asunción boast a low cost of living – Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey for 2023 ranks Asunción as the 192nd most expensive city out of 227 expat destinations worldwide. With cheap housing and affordable food, Paraguay is one of the cheapest Latin American countries to live in.


Finally, you got the answer of what’s the capital of Paraguay and it is Asuncion. Above, you have studied the facts such as climate, economy, sport, places to visit, geography and it makes you more crystal clear about Asuncion. Now, you can make a plane to visit Asuncion because you have learned everything about it. Don’t get confused after reading the Republic of Paraguay. It is also a Paraguay but it is the official name of it. So, you have become known to everything about Paraguay including the capital of Paraguay


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