What Is The Capital Of Missouri? 

Want to know the capital of Missouri? It is simple, just go through this article till the end. We are sure that you will have more information and facts about Missouri than only about the capital. Missouri is not a country but a state in the United States in the Midwestern region of the country. It shares its borders with eight other states in the country and they are Lowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. Missouri is popular because of its strong agriculture industry, iconic landmarks like the Gateway Arch, and picnicking. Let’s know about the capital of Missouri.  

What Is The Capital Of Missouri? 

The capital of Missouri is Jefferson City, informally Jeff City. Many people thought Kansas City or St.Louis was the capital of Missouri, but now it has been cleared that, Missouri’s capital of Jefferson City.  The capital is located on the Missouri River flowing through it. The charming beauty of the natural landscape with its tree-lined bluffs of the city will take your breath away. The city also boasts a rich heritage and vibrant culture. Jefferson City was chosen as the site for a state prison and, in 1836, the Missouri State Penitentiary was opened. The Prison was home to a number of infamous Americans like former heavyweight champion Sonny Liston, etc.

Now, you have enough information about Jeff City, let’s try to find the reason why the city is selected as the capital of Missouri state.  

When Did Jefferson City Became The Capital Of Missouri? 

Jefferson City became the capital of Missouri in 1821 after Missouri Territory was formed as part of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. Let’s know the history of Jefferson City, 

  • In 1821, Missouri joined the Union as a slave state, according to the Missouri Compromise. 
  • Jefferson City is near the geographical center of the state, and this is not an accident in selecting the capital. 
  • In fact, the city was specifically chosen to be the capital of the state when the city was officially founded. 
  • Before, Jefferson City, St. Charles was made the temporary capital of the state. St. Charles was a prominent city in Eastern Missouri and at that time the Western region of the state was more settled. 
  • Jefferson was incorporated in 1825, a year after, the Missouri state legislature met there for the first time. 

This is all about the capital of Missouri history, let’s know more about Jefferson City. 

Jefferson City, The Capital Of Missouri Facts 

To know more about Jefferson City take a look at the important factors given below. They will tell you about the population, area, economy, climate, weather, etc, of the city. 

Area And Population 

The total area of Jefferson City is 97.51 km2. While the capital of Missouri population is 42,772 as of 2021. With this much population, the capital city of Missouri holds the 15th position as the most populous city in the country.  

Climate And Weather 

When you go to Jefferson City you may feel the climate of the city is a humid continental climate with hot rainy summers and cold winters. Also, light snow is frequent during the winter, although about half of wintertime precipitation falls as rain. 

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Economy And Finance 

The economy and finance of the capital city are driven by its residents, citizens of surrounding communities, and tourists. Mainly, its economy is dependent upon the government, health care, manufacturing, retail, tourism industries, and education. Currently, there are more than 20 different industry sectors that make up the economic base of the capital city.  


Jeff City is the host of multiple sporting events such as statewide tournaments, river races, car shows, and amateur and collegiate games. There is also the competition of the Prison Break Race, Shelbyfest, Missouri River freedom Race Missouri American Water’s race to the Dome. 

If you are planning to visit Jefferson City, let’s note down the places given below and visit them. 

Places To Visit In Jefferson City 

The places to visit in Jefferson City are, 

  1. Missouri State Penitentiary 
  2. Missouri State Capitol 
  3. Runge Conservation Nature Center 
  4. Missouri State Penitentiary Museum 
  5. Museum Of Missouri Military History 
  6. Lewis and Clark Monument Trailhead Plaza 
  7. Governor’s Mansion 
  8. Missouri State Museum 
  9. Col County Historical Museum 
  10. Carl R. Noren River Access 

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Why Is Jefferson City The Capital Of Missouri And Not St. Louis?

As Missouri”s population grew in the western half of the State around KC… citizems wanted it away fro St Louis influence visa versa from KC. So Jefferson City was chosen being a central location on the MO River and relatively not very political.

Why Is Jefferson City Capital Of Missouri?

Charles to Jefferson City in 1826, making it the state capital. Early in the Civil War, Union forces under command of General Nathaniel Lyon occupied the city, and a provisional military government was put in place to help secure Missouri for the Union. Today, Jefferson City remains the capital of Missouri.

Does Missouri Have Two Capitals?

The Missouri Territory was set up in 1812, and St. Louis was the initial seat of government. Later, the capital was moved to St. Charles.

What Is Jefferson City Known For?

Jefferson City was chosen as the site of a state prison. This prison, named the Missouri State Penitentiary, opened in 1836. This prison was home to multiple infamous Americans, including former heavyweight champion Sonny Liston, assassin James Earl Ray, and bank robber Pretty Boy Floyd.

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Is Missouri Tax Friendly?

Missouri is ranked the 18th best state in the U.S. for being taxpayer-friendly. Ranked as being moderately tax-friendly to retirees, Missouri partially taxes Social Security income, fully taxes withdrawals from retirement accounts, and public pensions are partially taxed while private pensions are fully taxed.

What Is Missouri’s National Food?

Missouri. Not too long ago, the Show-Me State appointed the humble ice cream cone as its state dessert. It makes sense since the cone is said to have originated in St. Louis at the World’s Fair way back in 1904.

Did St. Louis Used To Be The Capital Of Missouri?

With the arrival of steamboats in 1817, St. Louis began to grow rapidly and became an important river port. German and Irish immigrants settled there in the 19th century. It was the site of the Missouri constitutional convention (1820), but it ceased to serve as capital when statehood was attained (1821).

Did The Capital Of Missouri Change?

When the Missouri Territory was organized in 1812, St. Louis was Missouri’s seat of government, and St. Charles would serve as the next capital. However, Jefferson City was chosen as the new capital in 1821.


After reading this article you come across the capital city of Missouri and also now you know what is Missouri known for. You may be thinking, there are many cities in Missouri, then why is Jefferson City selected as the capital of the state? Jefferson City is selected as the capital of the state because it is located in the central location of the state. Its central location as well as proximity to the Missouri River makes the city a major trading and manufacturing center for the region. Now, you become known to everything about Missouri including the capital of Missouri.  


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