What Is The Capital Of Maine? 

Have you ever read about the capital of Maine? No? Then read it here because in this article I will provide you with important information and facts about Maine and its capital. Tell me first, where is Maine? Don’t Know? It’s okay, Maine is a state in the New England region of the United States. And it shares a border with New Hampshire, the Gulf of Maine, and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec. Now, move on to the main topic and know about the capital of Maine

What Is The Capital Of Maine

The capital of Maine is Augusta, it is the state capital of Maine USA. Augusta is the 3rd least populous state capital in the U.S after Montpelier, Vermont. It is located on the Kennebec River at the head of the tide and is home to the University of Maine at Augusta. 

Augusta is 109 miles from the mouth of the Kennebec at the Gulf of Maine. The city Augusta was established by General James Edward Oglethorpe in 1736 and which makes it the second-oldest city. It is also known as Garden City because of its tremendous number of gardens. Let’s understand the date when Augusta was declared as the capital of Maine state

When Did Augusta Became The Capital Of Maine? 

In 1827, Augusta became the capital of Maine population. But before becoming the capital city of Maine it was incorporated as Harrington and on 9th June 1797, its name was changed from Harrington to Augusta. 

In 1799, Augusta became the shrine town of the Newly formed Kennebec Country and in 1827, the town got a chance to become Maine’s capital. Take a glance at the history of Augusta as 

  • The area of Augusta was initially explored by Europeans of the short-lived Popham Colony in September 1607. 
  • In 1628, English settlers from the Plymouth Colony became the first inhabited people as a trading post on the Kennebec River. This settlement was called Native American. 
  • But, the Plymouth Colony sold this Kennebec Patent in 1661 due to a decline in revenue and Native uprisings. Then it remained unoccupied for the next 75 years.  
  • In 1771, Cushnoc was included as part of Hallowell and it is known as the Fort, then it was set off and included in the Massachusetts General Court in February 1797 as Harrington. 
  • So, in 1820 Maine became the state, and Augusta was designated as its capital in 1827. 

Augusta, The Capital Of Maine Facts 

Below, some facts are given that make you more aware of Augusta. 

  • Area & Population 

The total area of Augusta is 58.04 ㎡ and the capital of Maine population is  18,605 as of the year 2019. 

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  • Climate & Weather 

The climate of Augusta falls into the category of Humid Continental Climate. Here, summers are typically warm, rainy, and humid while winters are cold, windy, and snowy. In Augusta, the hottest month is July with an average high temperature of 80 ℉. And the coolest month is January with an average low of 10 ℉. 

  • Economy & Finance 

Augusta is the largest hub for government employment, state government employment with multiple financial institutions, law firms, and economic and governmental liaison consultants. In addition, it also has always been one of the state’s retail hubs. 

  • Geography 

Augusta is located at 44°18’38” N69°46’46” W, and it makes it the easternmost state capital in the United States. It shares a border with the towns of Manchester to its west, Sidney and Vassalboro to its north, Windsor to its east, Chelsea to its south, and the city of Hallowell to its Southwest.  

Places To Visit in Augusta 

Below, some places to visit in Augusta are mentioned that will attract you 

  1. Maine State Museum 
  2. Old Fort Western 
  3. Viles Arboretum 
  4. Bar Harbor 
  5. Kennebec River Rail Trail 
  6. Augusta Civic Center 
  7. Senator Inn Spa 
  8. Brook Bond Recreation Area 
  9. Sonny’s Museum and Rock Shop 
  10. Children’s Discovery Museum 
  11. Old Post Office 
  12. Samantha Smith 
  13. Colburn House State Historic Site 
  14. State House 
  15. Governor Hill Mansion 
  16. The Red Barn 
  17. Cushnoc Brewing Co. 

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Why Is Augusta Maine’s Capital?

He said a number of towns were considered but Augusta was chosen, in part due to having a prime, prominent location – Weston Hill – where the state capitol building could be built with a beautiful view and a commanding presence over the valley.

When Was Portland The Capital Maine?

Rebuilt, it was incorporated as a town in 1786 and named for the Isle of Portland in Dorsetshire, England. When Maine became a state in 1820, Portland served as the capital until 1831. A fire that resulted from an Independence Day celebration destroyed much of the city centre in 1866.

What Are The 8 Capitals Of Maine?

Augusta, Maine

The Maine State House, located at the corner of State and Capitol Streets in Augusta, Maine, was completed in 1832, one year after Augusta became the Capital of Maine. Built using Maine granite, the State House was based on the design of the Capitol building for Massachusetts.

What Is The State Of Maine Famous For?

Maine lobster

Maine’s long rocky Atlantic Coast is known for its frigid waters and an ample fishery – most famed for the Maine lobster. The state also is known for more than 40,000 acres of wild blueberries.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Maine?

That said, the best time to visit Maine is between June and August if you’re hoping for good weather. Summer is when you can soak up the sun’s rays beachside. You may find yourself shoulder to shoulder with other tourists, fighting high prices for lodging, but this is when the state really shines.

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Maine has affordable housing and a lower low cost of living than neighboring states. In addition, it has some of the lowest crime rates in the nation. United States News & World Report ranked Maine as the 1st overall safest state to live, (also 1st in the list of low violent crime and 4th in low property crime).

What Fruit Is Maine Known For?

wild blueberries

Maine is famous for its tiny, wild blueberries. These little blue flavor bombs are harvested from low-bush barrens across the state and have found their way into just about anything you can imagine—from delicious pies to spa treatments. Blueberries are best when they’re wild in Maine!

Did Portland Used To Be The Capital Of Maine?

When Maine separated from Massachusetts and became a state on March 15, 1820, Portland became the temporary capitol city.


Finally, you know the answer to what is the capital of Maine that it is Augusta. Above I have mentioned everything about Augusta in detail, including its exact location, climate, best places to visit in Augusta, etc. Now, you don’t need to search further about it while making a plan to visit it. One thing about Augusta that I forgot to mention above and it is the capital of Maine zip code and it is 04004. After going through this article you have learned almost every single fact related to the capital of Maine


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