What Is The Capital Of Macedonia? 

Do you know the name of the capital of Macedonia? If not, then connect with us. In this article, we are going to discuss all aspects of Macedonia’s capital including its facts. Before coming to the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, let’s have a look at Macedonia itself. So, Macedonia is a country from the Southeastern European continent. Also, it is the largest and second-most populous Greek geographic region, with a population of 2.36 million according to the 2020 census. Macedonia is a landlocked country that has an abundance of lakes, mountains, national parks, and ancient towns with Ottoman and European architecture. Well, without further discussion let’s come to the capital of Macedonia. 

What Is The Capital Of Macedonia? 

The capital of Macedonia is Skopje, which is also the largest city in the country and carries a quarter of the country’s population alone. The majority of residents here are ethnic Macedonians, a South Slavic people. Skopje is the cultural, economical, and academic center of Macedonia. The capital of North Macedonia is Skopje and the South Macedonia capital is Skopje Skopje. Why are there two parts called North Macedonia and South Macedonia? This might be your curiosity. Well, the dispute arose from the ambiguity in nomenclature between the Republic of Macedonia, the adjacent Greek region of Macedonia, and the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon. In February 2019, Macedonia’s name changed to the Republic of North Macedonia. 

Skopje is popular because of its long history, rich culture, customs, and traditions. The archeological evidence shows that civilizations flourished in North Macedonia as early as 7000 BC. 

Now, you have the capital of Macedonia as well as the capital of North Macedonia.  Let’s know more about Skopje.  

When Did Skopje Became The Capital Of Macedonia? 

Skopje became the capital of Macedonia in 1945 under the Federation of Yugoslavia, during World War 1 and World War II the city twice became part of Bulgaria. Let’s understand the history of the capitals of Macedonia. 

  • The first capital of the Republic of Macedonia was Vergina, which is a small town in Northern Greece, located in Central Macedonia.
  • Virginia was founded by King Perdikas in the 7th Century BC, it was formerly known as Amigas.
  • Later on, the capital of Macedonia was moved to Pella, even though the capital had been moved it was still used as the royal burial grounds.
  • Pella is an ancient city in Macedonia, the second capital of Macedonia, and also the birthplace of Alexander the Great.
  • Many people come to Pella to see the exceptional mosaics discovered in the remains of houses and public buildings.
  • Pella is one of Greece’s best on-site archaeology museums called the Archaeological Museum of Pella, which includes a display of pottery, jewellery, and mosaics found at the site.
  • After Pella, the capital of Macedonia was moved to Skopje in 1945.

Skopje, Capital Of Macedonia Facts 

The facts about the capital of Macedonia are   

Area & Population 

The area of Skopje is 571.5 km2 and the population of Skopje is 606,000 as of 2022. Macedonia population is 2.06 million as of 2022. Skopje is nearly 245 m above sea level and covers 571.5 km2 of area.      

Climate & Weather 

In Skopje, the climate is very much suitable for human beings. It has warm and mostly clear summers and very cold, snowy, and partly cloudy winters. Over the course of the year, the temperature is typically carried from 26 deg F to 88 deg F and is rarely below 13 deg F or above 97 deg F.   

Economic & Finance 

The economy of Skopje has almost always been completely agricultural in nature.  In the Global Innovation Index, North Macedonia ranked 66th in 2022 with 28.8 points. While the economy of Macedonia has decreased by 2.0 points from last year. 


In Skopje, the most popular and most played sport is Football. North Macedonia became a member of FIFA in 1994 and the national team has made a few remarkable results in qualifiers for the European Championship as well as the World Cup.  

Places To Visit In Skopje

The places to visit in Skopje are, 

  1. Old Bazaar
  2. Stone Bridge
  3. Memorial House of Mother Teresa
  4. Skopje Fortress
  5. Canyon Matka
  6. Millennium Cross
  7. City Park Skopje
  8. Macedonian Church St. Clement of Ohrid
  9. Macedonia Square
  10. National Gallery of Macedonia
  11. Mustafa Pasa
  12. Macedonian Holocaust Museum

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What Is The Capital Of Macedonia Today?


Skopje, the capital and largest city, is home to a quarter of the country’s 1.83 million people. The majority of the residents are ethnic Macedonians, a South Slavic people.

What Was Macedonia Formerly Known As?

U.S. Recognition of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 1994. The United States recognized the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on February 9, 1994. At the same time, the United States announced its intent to establish full diplomatic relations with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

What Is Macedonia Called Today?

Macedonia most commonly refers to: North Macedonia, a country in southeastern Europe, known until 2019 as the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia (ancient kingdom), a kingdom in Greek antiquity. Macedonia (Greece), a former administrative region, spanning today three administrative subdivisions of northern Greece.

What Was The Capital Of Macedonia When Alexander The Great?

Pella is an ancient Macedonian city, the second capital of Macedonia and birthplace of Alexander the Great (The Capital of Macedonia moved from Vergina to Pella in the 5th Century BC).

Why Is Greece Called Macedonia?

Etymology. The name Macedonia derives from the Greek: Μακεδονία ( Makedonía), a kingdom (later, region) named after the ancient Macedonians, who were the descendants of a Bronze-Age Greek tribe.


By reading this article, you have got an idea of Skopje and its facts. Skopje is the birthplace of Mother Teresa and the location of the Kale Fortress, and the capital of North Macedonia. It is the largest city in North Macedonia and has a rich history. Through the heart of the city flows the Vardar River, with the Morse historical buildings on one bank and the modern buildings on the other bank. Skopje is filled with a variety of museums, archeological sites, and other places of interest, all making Skopje the best capital of Macedonia


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