What Is The Capital Of Latvia? 

So, you are here to learn about the capital of Latvia, Right? Then keep reading till the end First of all, you should know where is Latvia? Latvia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe and is officially known as the Republic of Latvia. Latvia covers an area of 64,589 km2 with a Latvia population of 1.9 million. Latvians belong to the ethnolinguistic group of the Balts, and Latvia language is Latvian, Baltic language also. In Latvia, Russians are the most prominent minority, at almost a quarter of the population. Now, let’s learn about the capital of Latvia

What Is The Capital Of Latvia? 

The capital of Latvia is Riga and it is the 3rd most populous as well as the largest city of Latvia. It is the primate city of the country and also home to one-tenth of the three Baltic States’ combined population. 

Riga lies on the Gulf of Riga at the mouth of the Daugava river where it meets the Baltic Sea. The capital city of Latvia is famous for its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture, open-air museums, and fascinating landscape. And due to its attractiveness, Riga received over 1.4 million visitors in 2016. 

 In Riga, the Riga International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in the Baltic States. Also, Riga is a member of Eurocities, the Union of the Baltic Cities, and the Union of Capitals of the European Union. 

After knowing the  Latvia capital, let’s learn more about it in detail. 

When Did Riga Become The Capital Of Latvia? 

On 18th November 1918, Riga became the capital of Latvia. It began to develop as a center of Viking trade during the early Middle Ages. The inhabitants of Riga occupied themselves mainly with fishing, animal husbandry, and trading. Later developed crafts in bone wood, amber, and iron. 

So, let us tell you about the history of Riga.  

  • In the 20th century, World War-I happened and it brought the impact of the Russian Revolution of 1917 to Riga. 
  • As a result of the battle of Jugla, the German army marched into Riga on 3rd September 1917. 
  • And, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed on 3rd March 1918, giving the Baltic countries to Germany. 
  • On 11th November 1918, Germany had to renounce that treaty, because of the Armistice with Germany. As did Russia, leaving Latvia and the other states of the Baltic in a position to claim independence. 
  • Finally, on 18th November 1918, Latvia declared its independence and chose Riga its capital. 

Riga, The capital Of Latvia Facts 

Here are some facts are given about Riga that you must know about  

  • Area & Population 

The total area of the capital of Latvia Europe is 304.03 km2 while the population is 614,618 as of the year 2021. 

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  • Climate & Weather 

The climate of Riga is humid continental. Here, the coldest months are January and February, when the mean temperature is -5 degrees C. The summers in Riga are mild and rainy with an average temperature of 18 degrees C, while the temperature on the hottest days can exceed 30 degrees C. 

  • Economy & Finance 

The economy of Riga is one of the key factors of the Baltic States. The Latvia currency is Euro. Currently, half of all jobs in Latvia are in Riga and the city generates more than 50% of Latvia’s GDP as well as around half of Latvia’s exports. 

  • Sport 

In Riga, the most popular sports are Hockey, basketball, rally racing, football, Latvian Athletes, and volleyball. Riga’s popular local team is Dinamo Riga in the Kontinental Hockey. 

Places To Visit In Riga 

The best places to visit in Riga are 

  1. St. Peter’s Church 
  2. House Of The Black Heads 
  3. Riga Central Market 
  4. Riga Motor Museum 
  5. Riga Art Nouveau Center Museum 
  6. The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum Of Latvia 
  7. Albert Street 
  8. The Corner House 
  9. Riga Town Hall Square, etc.  

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Is Latvia Poor Or Rich? 

As per 2019 Latvia is the 3rd poorest country with a very huge gap between poor and rich. The gap is been increasing in the recent years.

What Is Latvia Best Known For? 

Latvia is best known for its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture, UNESCO World heritage, natural landscape, and sticky black balsa into its eastern European borders. 

Why Is Latvia A Poor Country? 

Latvia is poor due to 

  • A legacy of trauma 
  • Lack of treatment following the country’s long history of political violence 
  • Oppression and exposure to war. 

Is Latvia A Part Of Russia? 

No, Latvia had been part of the Russian Empire since the end of the 18th century, but after the Russian Revolution of 1917, it became an independent state. 

Is Latvia A Good Place To Live?

Although it is a rather small country (nearly 2 million inhabitants), Latvia has an excellent standard and quality of life, with many enticing job opportunities and a fast-growing economy. Here you can always secure a chunk of nature all for yourself, be it for cycling or for enjoying a walk at the beach.

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What Language Do Latvians Speak?

The official language of Latvia is Latvian – but there are two Latvians. Modern Latvian is spoken in the west of the country; Latgalian is spoken in the east. The two languages are mutually intelligible but Latgalian uses some older words and phrases not found in Modern Latvian.

What Is The Famous Food Of Latvia?

Pelēkie zirņi ar speķi is the national dish of Latvia. This type of stew is made with local grey peas (similar to chickpeas), fried onions, and diced speck. The dish was invented when locals used their supplies of dried and preserved food.

What Did Latvia Used To Be Called?

Because the people occupying the coast of Latvia were the Livs, the German invaders called the country Livland, a name rendered in Latin as Livonia.


So, it’s all about the Riga capital of Latvia and now, you are familiar with every aspect of it. Riga is one of the largest and liveliest of the Baltic capitals. And it makes for a fantastic, action-packed getaway. It attracts you because of its modern centers, wonderful architecture, experimental restaurants to its buzzing nightlife so, it is well worth visiting. Above, I have given you some best places to visit in Riga in order to make your trip more enjoyable and after visiting it you will never forget about the capital of Latvia.


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