What Is The Capital Of Honduras? 

Right now, you don’t know the capital of Honduras, but till the end of this article, you will become familiar with it. Before finding the answer to questions like what is the capital city of Honduras? You should know about Honduras itself. Honduras officially called the Republic of Honduras, is a country located in Central America. It is a neighboring country of Guatemala, EI Salvador, Nicaragua, and the Pacific Ocean. Honduras is the home to several important Mesoamerican cultures, most notably the Maya. Let’s come back to our main topic, which is the capital of Honduras

What Is The Capital Of Honduras? 

The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa which is the largest city of Honduras along with its twin sister, Comayaguela. It is known for being one of the most dangerous cities in Central America. 

Here you can find a lot of information about gun violence in the city online, most of the gun crime in Tegucigalpa generally happens in specific areas outside of the city center. Now, it is the city of greatest buoyancy in the country. The city is the political and administrative center.  

Now, you have become known as the capital city of Honduras, so it’s time to learn more details about Tegucigalpa.  

When Did Tegucigalpa Become The Capital Of Honduras? 

Tegucigalpa became the capital of Honduras in 1824 and it was founded in 1578 on the slopes of Mount Picacho. It was founded by Spanish settlers as Real de Minas de San Miguel de Tegucigalpa. 

To know more about it let’s take a look at the history as,  

  • On 10th June 1762, after almost 200 years this city became Real Villa de San Miguel de Tegucigalpa y Heredia under the rule of Alonso Fernandez de Heredia. 
  • The end of the 18th century and the starting of the 19th century saw disruption in Tegucigalpa’s local government, from being extinguished in 1788 to becoming part of Comayagua in 1791. 
  • Then in 1817, Mayor Narciso Mallol started the construction of the first bridge, a ten-arch masonry, connecting both sides of the Choluteca River. 
  • In 1821, after the completion of 4 years, this bridge linked Tegucigalpa with neighboring cities. 
  • So, in 1824, the first congress of the Republic of Honduras declared Tegucigalpa and Comayagua as the two most important cities in the country. 
  • And ultimately Tegucigalpa becomes Honduras’ capital. 

Tegucigalpa, The Capital Of Honduras Facts 

Here are some interesting facts about Honduras capital Tegucigalpa in order to make you more knowledgeable about Tegucigalpa. 

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Area & Population 

The area of Tegucigalpa is divided into two parts one is a city and capital and the second is Urban. The area of the city and Capital is 1,502 ㎢ and the area of Urban is 201.5 ㎢. While the capital of Honduras population is 1.158 million as of the year 2013.   

Climate & Weather 

The climate of Tegucigalpa is a moderate form of a tropical wet and dry climate. It is modest due to its high altitude. But, the central part of Honduras has a tropical climate, though fortified by the altitude meaning less humid than the lower valleys and the coastal regions. 

Economy & Finance 

Tegucigalpa has an economy equal to 19.3 % of the country’s GDP. Do you know? In the year 2019, the revenue and expenditure of Tegucigalpa were L 2,856,439,263. Its main economic sources are commerce, construction, services, textile, sugar, and tobacco. 

Places To Visit in Tegucigalpa 

Literally, these below-mentioned places attract you towards Tegucigalpa and they are 

  1. Museo Para La Identidad Nacional 
  2. Basílica de Nuestra Señora De Suyapa 
  3. Parque EI Picacho 
  4. Finca La Cantadora 
  5. Eco Park Juana Lainez 
  6. Iglesia Santa Maria de los Dolores 
  7. Cathedral of Tegucigalpa 

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What Is The Capital Of Honduras In English? 

In English, the capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa. 

What Are The 3 Major Cities In Honduras? 

Three major cities in Honduras are as given below 

  1. Tegucigalpa 
  2. San Pedro Sula 
  3. Choloma 

How Do You Pronounce The Capital Of Honduras? 

You can pronounce Tegucigalpa as tegu-ci-gal-pa and in Spanish as te-goo-see-gahl-pah. 

What Is Honduras Main Dish?

Carneada. Carneada is considered one of Honduras’ national dishes, known as plato típico when served in Honduran restaurants. While it is a type of dish, a carneada or carne asada, like its Mexican counterpart, is usually more of a social event with drinks and music centered on a feast of barbecued meat.

Why Is Honduras So Famous?

Honduras is known for its rich natural resources, including minerals, coffee, tropical fruit, and sugar cane, as well as for its growing textiles industry, which serves the international market.

What Is The Main Food Of Honduras?

A typical meal in Honduras usually includes rice, beans, tortillas, some kind of grilled meat such as chicken, pork or beef, and a salad. You will find some variations on the Caribbean coast or in the Bay Islands. In this region seafood and coconut products dominate the local cuisine.

Is Honduras A Big Or Small Country?

The land has a total area of 112,490 km² (43,433 mi²) and a total coastline of 669 km (415.7 mi). This land area is approximately 106% of the area of Ohio. Honduras is thus the 18th biggest country in the Americas and in terms of area ranked 103rd worldwide.

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So, you have learnt what’s the capital of Honduras and now you know that it is Tegucigalpa. From this article, you also become aware of the different facts of Tegucigalpa such as climate, finance, economy, weather, etc. And also you know the best places to visit in this city. When you go there, stay away from the small alleys and side streets and stick with the area where there are a lot of people. It’s the reason I have mentioned above. Now on you will never forget about the capital of Honduras.


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