What Is Capital Of Georgia? 

Are looking for the capital of Georgia? If yes, you have reached an appropriate place. Before knowing the name of Georgia’s capital you should know about Georgia country. It is one of the fifteen countries that were part of the Soviet Union but in 1991 Georgie left the Soviet Union and became an independent country. Now, you may think that the capital of Georgia was different when it was a part of the Soviet Union? But, the capital of Georgia the former Soviet Republic has not changed. So, continue reading to know more about Georgia country and know what’s the capital of Georgia? 

What Is The Capital Of Georgia? 

The capital of Georgia is Atlanta, a city with several nicknames like the city in a forest, the A, Hotlanta, the gate city, Hollywood of the South, etc. Atlanta is a densely populated city and popularly known as a Culture and Economic Centre of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. 

Atlanta’s name was derived from that of the Western and Atlantic Railroads local depot. And, it was originally founded as the terminus of a major state-sponsored railroad but due to rapid expansion, it became the convergence point among multiple railroads. Now, let’s know historical information about the state capital of Georgia

When Did Atlanta Became The Capital Of Georgia? 

Atlanta became the capital of Georgia country in 1868 but it was not permanent capital but the temporary location of the State capital. In 1877 it became the permanent capital of Georgia Europe

Do you know? Atlanta has the 10th largest economy in the United State and the 20th largest economy all over the world. So, let’s understand the history of Atlanta in short as, 

  • In 1836, Georgia had decided to construct a railroad to the United States Midwest and the location was Atlanta. 
  • Due to the arrival of the railroad, several homes and stores were built in 1839 and the formation of Atlanta started, between 1845 to 1854 the rapidly growing town became the rail hub for the Southern United States.
  • But in 1860, the American Civil War happened and due to having railroads, Atlanta was strategically used for the distribution of military supplies. 
  • Civil War Ended in 1865 but Atlanta lost its grace and deconstructed after 1865 it was gradually reconstructed and now it is one of the highly attractive cities of Georgia and also the capital of Georgia UAS

Let’s know more facts about Atlanta. 

Atlanta, Capital Of Georgia Facts 

Here are some facts about Atlanta that you should know about, 

  • Area & Population 

The total area of Atlanta is 136.31 sq mi and out of which 0.99 sq mi area is occupied by water and 135.32 sq mi area is occupied by the land. As I have mentioned above, Atlanta is the most populated city in Georgia and according to the year 2021, its overall population is 498,715.  

  • Climate & Weather 

The climate of Atlanta is humid subtropical in nature, with mild and rainy winters, during which short cold spells can occur. And summer is always muggy and hot, with lots of sunshine but sometimes you can experience rain and thunderstorms. In Atlanta every month has different weather and climate. 

  • Economic & Finance 

As I have mentioned above Atlanta city has secured 10th place in the United States Economy and 20th place in the World’s Economy. The economy of Atlanta is mainly dependent upon Distribution and New Construction. 

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  • Sports 

Atlanta is famous for various sports and they have constructed clubs and grounds for various sports such as Baseball, Football, Basketball, Box Lacrosse, Soccer, etc. It has the oldest NCAA Division football stadium which is built-in 1913. Atlanta is home to 

  • Major League Baseball 
  • The Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association 
  • The Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League 
  • The Atlanta Dream of the Women’s National Basketball Association, etc. 

Places To Visit In Atlanta 

Atlanta city is the birthplace for many amazing things and it has various museums but below I have given some places which are the attraction of Atlanta as, 

  1. High Museum Art 
  2. World of Coca-Cola 
  3. Atlanta Botanical Garden 
  4. Centennial Olympic Park 
  5. Martin Luther King. Jr National Historical Park 
  6. Georgia Aquarium 
  7. Piedmont Park 
  8. Fernbank Museum, 3D Theatre, Forest 
  9.  National Centre For Civil and Human rights 
  10. Atlanta Beltline Art 
  11. Author Home Tour 
  12. Midtown Atlanta 
  13. Buckhead 
  14. Downtown Atlanta, etc. 

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What Are The Two Capitals Of Georgia? 

In 1776 when Georgia became a state, the government operation was handled in Savannah therefore, Savannah is declared as capital but Atlanta is the current capital of Georgia. 

How Long Has Atlanta Been The Capital Of Georgia? 

Atlanta was temporarily declared as Georgia’s capital in 1868 but in 1877 it was declared as a permanent capital and ongoing. 

Was The Capital Of Georgia Augusta? 

Yes, Augusta had served as the capital of Georgia from 1785 to 1795. Before Augusta Savannah was Georgia’s capital. 

What City was The Capital Of Georgia Before Atlanta? 

Milledgeville was Georgia’s capital before Atlanta, and it was the 4th capital.

Is Georgia A Good Place To Live?

Georgia is a state with great weather and stunning natural scenery. The cost of living is generally low and the poverty levels are high in Georgia. Though the Atlanta metropolitan area covers a third or the state’s land, there are still rural areas. 

Does It Snow In Atlanta Georgia?

January is the coldest month in the United States’ Atlanta with an average low temperature of around 34°F and while snow isn’t unheard of, it’s highly unlikely. Snowfall generally isn’t expected annually, in fact, snow hasn’t fallen in the last couple of years in Atlanta.

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Does Georgia Have 5 Capitals?

How we choose capital cities 2. The five capitals of Georgia: Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, and Atlanta.

What Is The National Dish Of Georgia?


This soft, cheese-filled bread is the national dish of the country of Georgia. Part of its charm is that it varies by region; the open-faced Adjaruli version is filled with cheese and herbs, and garnished with an egg on top.

When Did Atlanta Became The Capital Of Georgia?

Due to the city’s superior rail transportation network, the state capital was moved from Milledgeville to Atlanta in 1868. In the 1880 Census, Atlanta had surpassed Savannah as Georgia’s largest city.

What Is Georgia’s Capital And Cities?

How we choose capital cities 2. The five capitals of Georgia: Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, and Atlanta.


Now, you have understood what is the capital of Georgia is, and now you know that it is Atlanta. If you are thinking to take a break and visit some cities then you can include Atlanta in your list. By doing this you won’t regret it, because it has various places which are full of scenery, with food and your favorite drink Coca-Cola. Then, don’t think too much and pack your bag and go to visit the best city like Atlanta. From above, you have known almost all the facts about Atlanta and most importantly the capital of Georgia.  


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