What Is The Capital Of Delaware? 

Today we will explore the capital of Delaware by knowing some facts about it. So, we invite you to read this article till the end to know everything about Delaware’s capital. Before moving to the capital, let’s know about Delaware. Delaware is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The state shares borders with Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the Atlantic Ocean. Delaware is the second largest as well as the sixth most densely populated state in the country. What is Delaware known for? Delaware state is popularly known as the Chemical Capital of the World because it is a heavily chemical manufacturing state. Now, let me tell you about the capital of Delaware.  

What Is The Capital Of Delaware? 

The capital of Delaware is Dover, which is the second-largest city in the State. Besides the capital, Dover also has been serving as the country seat of Kent County and the principal city of the Dover, DE, Metropolitan Statistical Area. Dover is also a part of the Philadelphia-Wilmington, Camden, combined statistical area. 

The capital of Delaware state Dover is located on the St. Jones River in the Delaware River coastal plain. Dover Delaware is a charming small city but popularly known for more than just being the capital and seat of state government. It is also the site for historic state and national events, including when Delaware became the first state to ratify the United States Constitution in 1787.  

Continue reading to know more about the city, know its history, and some capital of Delaware facts in detail.  

When Did Dover Became The Capital Of Delaware? 

Dover became the capital of Delaware in 1781 Permanently after serving as a seat of state government till 1777. Many people may have a concern, why Dover? Luckily there are multiple cities in Delaware, then why did they choose Dover as the capital of the state? It is because Dover is located exactly at the center of the state and relatively safe from British riders on the Delaware River. Let’s understand it in more detail, 

  • Dover was founded as the court for newly established Kent County by Willian Penn in 1683. Then the owner of the property is generally known as the “Lower Countries of Delaware.” 
  • Many years passed and in 1717, the city was officially laid out by a special commission of the Delaware General Assembly. 
  • And then in 1777, the capital of the state of Delaware was moved from New Castle to Dover, because of its central location. 
  • The first capital of Delaware was New Castle, so Dover is the second capital of the state.   
  • The main meeting of the state was conducted in different cities including Wilmington, Delaware, Dover, New Castle, Lewes, and Lewes again. It is because of a law passed in October 1779, the assembly elected to meet at any place in the state they saw fit. And these meetings finally settled down permanently in Dover in October 1781. 

Dover, Capital of Delaware Facts. 

Well, you know almost everything about Dover, let’s have a look at some important facts regarding Dover. 

Area And Population 

The total area of Dover is 23.97 sq mi, out of which land area is 23.67 sq mi and water occupied area is 0.30 sq mi. The population of Dover is 39,403 as of 2020. 

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Climate And Weather 

Dover is gifted with a temperature climate or humid subtropical climate. Here you will experience hot and humid summers for 25 days per year. Here heavy summer thunderstorms are common.  

Economy And Finance 

The economy of Dover, Delaware is mainly based on the manufacturing industries, especially chemical industries. As already told, Delaware is known as the chemical capital of the world. 


Bicycling is the main sport in the state which was adopted in 2014. Dover also has a team that currently competes in the National League South. 

Places To Visit In Dover 

The places to visit in Dover are, 

  • Dover Castle 
  • The White Cliffs of Dover 
  • Fan Bay Deep Shelter 
  • South Foreland Lighthouse 
  • Samphire Hoe 
  • Dover Museum and Bronze Age Boat Gallery 
  • St Margaret’s Bay Beach 
  • The Grand Shaft 
  • Western Heights 
  • P&O Ferries-Day Trips 
  • Dover Beach 

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What Is Delaware Is Known For?

Delaware is sometimes referred to as the Chemical Capital of the World. A majority of the state’s economy relies heavily on chemical manufacturing, including pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and plastics.

Is Delaware The Capital Of Maryland?

It shares borders with Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia to its south and west; Pennsylvania to its north; and Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean to its east. Baltimore is the largest city in the state, and the capital is Annapolis.

What Is The Old Capital Of Delaware?


Dover, city, capital (1777) of Delaware, U.S., seat of Kent county, in the east-central portion of the state on the St. Jones River. It was laid out in 1717 around an existing county courthouse and jail on the order (1683) of William Penn and was named for the English city.

Is Delaware A Good State To Live?

Known for its central location, low crime rates, zero sales tax, relatively low cost of living and beautiful clean beaches, moving to Delaware can be a great choice if all of that sounds like what you’ll like to experience. Delaware is home to several industries that support both small and large businesses.

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What Is The Nicest Town In Delaware?

Rehoboth Beach
Charming the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean lies this beautiful Delaware small town. Here the boardwalk is the talk of the city. With seasonal festivals, mom and pop shops, and all the tasty restaurants of any good beach town, Rehoboth has it all!

What Is Delaware Most Famous Dish?

It was originally a dish only eaten during the winter,” said William Woys Weaver, a Drexel University professor and expert on regional cuisine. But at least three separate media outlets now say that, despite its origins, scrapple has become Delaware’s “most iconic” dish.

Why Is Maryland And Delaware Split?

In 1664, Prince James, Duke of York, the brother of King Charles II, removed foreign authority over these settlements, but in the process the Crown eventually decided that the area around New Castle and the land below it on the Delaware Bay should be separated from Maryland and administered as a new colony.

Which City Is Called New York?

Frequently shortened to simply “New York”, “NY”, or “NYC”, New York City is also known as “The City” in some parts of the Eastern United States, in particular, New York State and surrounding U.S. states. New Yorkers also use “The City” to refer specifically to the borough of Manhattan.


Dover is a beautiful capital and city. It is famous for its spectacular chalk cliffs, the white cliffs, Dover is one of Britain’s principal cross-channel ports. In the city, several parks are maintained by Dover Parks and Recreation Department. It consists of three larger parks and 27 smaller parks. Therefore, many tourists get attracted to Dover. If your pocket allows then you can also make a plan to visit Dover. So, this was all about the capital of Delaware


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