What Is The Capital Of Alaska? 

Hello, this article will provide you with everything about the capital of Alaska including its facts, history, etc. So, go through this article and learn about Alaska’s capital. Do you know? Alaska is not a country but is a state which is located in the Western United States on the Northwest extremity of North America. It is the 3rd least populous and the most sparsely populated state. And it represents the 7th largest subnational division in the world. In Alaska close to two dozen native languages are spoken and its natives exercise considerable influence in local and state politics. So, let’s learn about the capital of Alaska. 

What Is The Capital Of Alaska? 

The capital of Alaska is Juneau, it stands on one of the largest wilderness areas in the United States. Here, people enjoy their life by viewing wildlife, taking fishing trips, exploring atop glaciers, or enjoying the city’s shops, restaurants, and artistic flair. 

Now, you may be thinking, where is the capital of Alaska? So, it is located in the Gastineau Channel and the Alaskan panhandle. Juneau is the second-largest city in the United States. 

Juneau is unique among the 49 other state capitals of the United States on mainland North America in that area there are no roads connecting the city to the rest of the state or North America. 

It is worth visiting Juneau because it is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Alaska, and also home to majestic mountains, glaciers, wildlife, and views of waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and oceans. 

So, after knowing the name of the capital of Alaska. Let me know more about Juneau. 

When Did Juneau Became The Capital Of Alaska? 

In 1906, Juneau became the capital of Alaska when the government of what was then the District of Alaska was moved from Sitka as dictated by the U.S. Congress in 1900. On 1st July 1970, the city was merged with the city of Douglas and the surrounding Greater Huneau Borough to form the current municipality. 

To know more about Juneau, you need to learn its history of Juneau. 

  • The United States Congress authorized some funds in order to construct the capital for the Alaska Territory in 1911. 
  • But, the construction was delayed due to World War I causing difficulties purchasing the necessary land. 
  • Ultimately, Citizens of Juneau donated some of the required funds, and construction began on the 8th of September 1929. 
  • The construction took less than two years then the building was declared as the Federal and Territorial Building on the 14th February 1931. 
  • The buildings were originally used by the federal government to house the federal courthouse and post office for the territory. 
  • Finally, in 1959 Alaska gained statehood and the building has been used by the state government. 

Juneau, The Capital Of Alaska Facts 

Here are some facts about Juneau which make you more aware of it. 

  • Area & Population 

The capital of Alaska population is 32,255 while its area is 3,254.70 sq mi. Out of the total area, the land area is 2,704.03 sq mi and the area occupied by the water is 550.67 sq mi. 

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  • Economy & Finance 

The primary employer in Juneau is the government including the state government, the federal government, municipal government, and the University of Alaska Southeast. Also, its economy is dependent on the tourism industry, which generates most income in the summer months. 

  • Climate & Weather 

Its area is in the transition zone between a humid continental climate, a subtropical climate, and an oceanic climate, depending on the isotherm used. Here, winters are moist and long while the spring months are the driest, and September and October are the wettest. 

  • Sport 

Hockey and Basketball are the two most popular sports in Juneau Alaska

Places To Visit In Juneau 

Places to visit in Juneau are 

  1. Mendenhall Glacier 
  2. Tracy Arm 
  3. Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure 
  4. Nugget Falls 
  5. Shrine of Saint Therese 
  6. Alaska State Museum 
  7. Mount Roberts Tramway 
  8. Eaglecrest Ski Area 
  9. Nugget Falls 
  10. Glacier Bay Basin, etc. 

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Does Alaska Have Two Capitals? 

No Alaska does not have two capitals the only capital in present is Juneau. But there have been talks over the years to make Anchorage or Fairbanks the state capital of Alaska.

Why Is Juneau The Capital Of Alaska And Not Anchorage? 

Juneau is the capital of Alaska and not Anchorage as the capital for fear of concentrating more power in the state’s largest city. And Juneau is geographically located in the center of Alaska so the decision of making Juneau the capital.

What Was The Original Capital Of Alaska? 

Juneau was the original capital of Alaska after Alaska acquired the statehood. 

Why Is Juneau The State Capitol? 

Juneau has a thriving mining industry and was only a steamer trip away from Seattle.  

Why Is Juneau Not Accessible?

So why is there no road to Juneau? A road going due east wouldn’t work out so well with an icefield the size of Rhode Island separating Juneau from Atlin, British Columbia. Similarly, the route up the Taku River is blocked by ever-shifting glaciers.

How Much Of Alaska Is Unexplored?

Alaska is the last great wilderness in the United States Civilization has only encroached on about 160,000 acres of its 365 million acres. This is less than 1/20th of 1 percent of the State, the rest is still untouched wilderness. Alaska is home to North America’s tallest peak, Mt.

What Is Alaska’s Famous Food?

Few foods are so deeply connected to Alaska as seafood. Fresh salmon, flaky halibut, and monster king crab draw a lot of attention, and rightly so. Whether steamed, seared or as sushi, this is as fresh as it gets.

Why Did USA Buy Alaska?

Defeat in the Crimean War further reduced Russian interest in this region. Russia offered to sell Alaska to the United States in 1859, believing the United States would off-set the designs of Russia’s greatest rival in the Pacific, Great Britain.

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So, now you know everything about the capital of Alaska Juneau in detail. As I have mentioned above, you can choose Juneau for vacation or a family trip. Above I have provided you with the various facts about Juneau which make you more aware of it. Juneau is also known as the city and Borough of Juneau. Now, you can make a plan to visit the capital of Alaska.


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